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Est. 2006

We rescue stray dogs in Israel,
provide them with medical care,
vaccination, sterilization,
and find them loving homes.

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Our Work



Neutered and spayed dogs



Dogs found
a home




Vaccinations given



Dogs underwent surgeries

Meet Our Shelter

Watch the short movie to get introduced with our work.

Rescue Team

Our rescue team is on call 24/7. We rescue abandoned, injured, abused, and fight dogs and bring them to our shelter, where we provide them with medical treatment and recover them.

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How You Can Help

Adopt, donate, or join our team of volunteers. You can even adopt a dog virtually if you can't have one at home!

Adopt a Dog

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our dogs finding happy homes.
We welcome you to come to one of our weekly open house days, and find a true friend to take home!

Sponsor a Dog

Can't have a dog from us right now? Help our dogs have better life in our shelter!

Find the dog you'd like to sponsor and choose a sponsorship program that suits you.

Dogs for Sponsorship

Our FundMe Campaign

2021 has been a tough year for us. Donations went down significantly while dog rescues have been skyrocketing. We are now unable to rescue more dogs as we do not have the funds to provide them with medical support, spaying, and neutering. We need your help in order to get back on our feet. This is the first time in 15 years that we are in such situation.

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