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About Us


"Gilboa animal rescue" was established in 2006 for the benefit of the dogs in the north valleys of Israel and the surrounding area. In Israel, there is a high number of stray dogs due to a lack of spay and neuter programs. We set ourselves the goal of lowering the number of stray dogs and providing them with medical help.


We work to rescue abandoned dogs in distress, rehabilitate them and find homes for them. We neuter/spay each dog that comes to us and in many cases we provide them with life-saving medical care.


Since the establishment of the organization we have saved thousands of dogs, spayed and neutered them, and managed to find them good and warm homes.


We are the first organization of its kind in the northern part of the country, founded on a voluntary basis. All the funds needed for the operation of our organization -- the maintenance of the kennel and the ongoing care of the many animals under the auspices of the association -- come from generous donations of private individuals.

We need your help.


About Our Organization

We are a registered non-profit organization in Israel, under the official name "Gilboa Loves Animals", since 2006. Our registration number is 580463313. We have valid certification for proper management and tax deduction, as required by the Israeli law. Our financial reports can be accessed by contacting the corresponding authority in the Ministry of Justice of Israel (see details here).

The only salaried employees in our organization are professional dog carers who take care of the dogs in our shelter on a daily basis. They feed them, provide medication, let them out to the gardens, and watch their behavior to note any possible illness or problem. The rest of the work - management, finance, communication, rescue, education, transport, shelter maintenance and renovation, dog walking and much more - is all done by our dedicated volunteers.

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