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Rescue Team


Our rescue team of volunteers is on call 24/7. We rescue abandoned and injured dogs, in many cases in severe medical conditions. We also rescue fight dogs, usually with severe fight injuries. All rescued dogs are admitted to our shelter, receive medical treatment, vaccination, neutering/spaying, and loving care. 
Then, most of the dogs successfully find loving homes.

In this page you can see some of these stories. Unfortunately, we have many (many!) more such stories, that are not shown here.

Emergency line: 050-653-9439 (text message only)
(For emergency dog rescue in Israel only)

Please note: Some content below this point might be considered explicit


Dror was a fight dog. He was born and raised with his owners having one goal: that he violently fight other dogs and make them money.

When Dror was too old to win fights, he was abandoned. Sick, injured, dirty, and full of ticks. We received a message on Facebook and our team immediately rushed to rescue him.

After several weeks of medical treatment and recovery, Dror found a home. Not to our surprise, he was found to be a cute playful dog, despite his terrible course of life.

Video has no sound

Video has no sound


Nelson was found as a puppy, with a gunshot, under a car.

We rescued him to a veterinary hospital. He undergone several surgeries, hydrotherapy, and a very long recovery. The cost of his treatment exceeded $15,000.

Meanwhile, he grew up to be a handsome wonderful dog. He found a home, and found to be friendly to every living creature around him (including cats!).


(story here)




Melvin was found abandoned, starved, with a broken leg.

Our rescue team rushed to the place and took him to a veterinary hospital.

Melvin underwent a complex orthopedic surgery. He then needed a long recovery and rehabilitation.

Eventually, we found him a wonderful loving home!

Video has no sound

Video has no sound


Oscar was a little Husky puppy that we were called to rescue. He was diagnosed with fractures in both of his rear legs, and needed a surgery.

Oscar went through a very long recovery process in a foster home with one of our volunteers. We provided him with hydrotherapy so that he could walk and run again.

Eventually he recovered successfully and found a loving home. 


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