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How you can help


Every day, Gilboa Animal Rescue is involved in rescuing abandoned, abused, and seriously injured dogs. Every dog rescued by us receives comprehensive medical care. Some dogs need complex surgeries and expensive medications. We do not give up on any dog! All our dogs undergo spaying and neutering and a series of life-saving vaccines. Later, the dogs live with us and receive loving and warm care with the great dedication of our caregivers. They undergo rehabilitation and many of them eventually find warm homes. None of these would have been possible without your generous donations.

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Gilboa Animal Rescue is highly dependent on the contribution of its volunteers. Our volunteers are involved in every aspect of the organization: 
Dog rescue, foster care, renovation and construction in the shelter, rehabilitation of dogs, walks with the dogs, photography and fundraising, managerial positions and much more. Above all, our volunteers provide lots of love for our furry friends.

If you would like to join us, please contact us and out voluntering director will get back to you soon.


Donate Supplies

It is not all just about money. We accept donations of the following supplies with gratitude:

  • Bedding, blankets, towels

  • Dog houses

  • Durable dog toys

  • Suitable medical equipment

  • Suitable construction equipment (fences, posts, tools, power tools, etc.)

  • Dog food / treats (unexpired)


Sponsor a Dog

Can't adopt one of our dogs? We understand. But you can still choose your favorite dog and help us provide them with better life while they are in our shelter. Pick a dog, choose from the available sponsorship programs, and virtually adopt!

Sponsor a Dog

Adopt a Dog

Needless to say, taking one (or even two?!) of our dogs to your warm and cosy home would be the best way to help. Not only you will provide them happy life and get back unconditional friendship, you will help us make room for more dogs, as we rescue on a daily basis.

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