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What we do


"Gilboa animal rescue" is a registered non-profit, established for the benefit of animals in the valleys and northern Israel. Our goal is to spay and neuter dogs to reduce the number of stray dogs in Israel, as well as rescuing stray and fight dogs and giving them life-saving medical care, vaccines aimed at preventing infectious diseases, physical and mental rehabilitation and finding warm homes for them.


Education and awareness activities in schools, universities, and other institutions such as homes for people with special needs, to prevent animal abuse, increase awareness to the stray dogs problem in Israel, dog adoption, and correct dog care.

Medical Clinic

Through generous donations in the past, we established a veterinary clinic in our shelter, and we use it for sterilization, neutering, and medical
treatment for rescued dogs. We need your help in order to continue to operate this clinic.


Fight & Breeding Dog Rescue

Improved Shelter Conditions

Unfortunately in Israel there is a cruel
phenomenon of using dogs for violent fights (which then translate to money through gambling), and ruthless reproduction of these breeds. Our rescue team of volunteers rescues these dogs, rehabilitates them and finds warm homes for them.

We are currently fundraising to improve the living conditions of
the shelter's dogs, who live in simple and small cells. Our dream is
to build large cells attached to spacious yards to allow dogs improved living conditions. Some of our dogs are unable to find homes, and thus spend many years in their cell, sometimes until their last day.


Together with other organizations, veterinarians, and local authorities in Israel, we conduct spaying and neutering in stray dogs. We consider this the best long-term solution for the suffering of stray dogs, and we need your help in order to continue with this activity as every such procedure has a significant cost.
So far, we have sterilized more than 4000 dogs.

Legislation for Animal Welfare

Our team of volunteers also works with other organizations to promote improved legislation for animal welfare and improved enforcement of the existing laws. Our rescue team often works with the police forces.

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